Is FriendFeed SPY ponsored by or affiliated with FriendFeed?

NO, FriendFeed SPY is only build over the FriendFeed public API.

Why do I need FriendFeed SPY?

Well, you probably don't need it but it could be funny spying on items the others post, you could find interesting things or simply waste your time ;-)

Who did build FriendFeed SPY?

Me of course :) I'm Michele Marcucci and I like develop webapps based on famous social network APIs. You can check out my previous mashups: Twitter SPY and Last(.fm) Music Map.

With what language do you develop FriendFeed SPY?

Some PHP, Javascript (with Jquery framework) and Html with CSS to style it. But I'd like to re-write it in Python.

Why is it in beta?

Because this is a web 2.0 ;-)

Can I interact with FriendFeed?

YES, you can. FriendFeed API allows to autenticate in your account so if you autenticate with the remote login form you'll be able to post comments and like items while they scroll down.

What is the remote key and why would I give it to this site?

You can refer to the FriendFeed Remote Key FAQ to know everything about that.

Do you store my data?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! I don't store any data.

How can I pause the scrolling?

There are two ways to pause/play it, you can click the links in the top left corner or you simply can mouse over an item to pause scroll and mouse out to play again.

Can I spy only on my friends items?

Actually not, but I'm working on it.

Why do I post items on FriendFeed but it doens't appear here?

Because the public FriendFeed feed doens't contains every items posted by users but only a few of them (may be random).

What are the links in the right sidebar?

If you click a link associated to an icon service you can spy only on that service, to spy again on everything click the "everything" link.

Why the links on the items open a new window? I don't like it!

Yes you are right, I don't like it too but here it is important because if you click a link and you will go back to FriendFeed SPY, you will miss every items passed through in the meantime.

Do you plan to add some features?

Yes, it's possible. If you have some ideas please leave me a feedback.

I like FriendFeed SPY, how can I help you?

Thank you very much, you can help me sharing it, add it to your bookmark, it, stumble up it, write a post in your blog about it or use the sharethis link at the top right corner to spread it.